The Ultimate Guide to Linear Bush Bearings

The Ultimate Guide to Linear Bush Bearings

The linear bush bearing, alternatively referred to as the linear ball bushing, is a kind of linear bearing that facilitates linear motion in a straight line. It is made up of a cylindrical shaft guide rail and loops of recirculating balls that run axially around it inside a cylindrical body. To facilitate the organization of […]

What is Rubber LTB Bush? Exploring Types, and Benefits

What is LTB Bush Exploring Types, and Benefits

A rubber LTB Bush is a form of vibration isolator that offers a flexible contact between two stiff pieces (also known as a rubber bushing or shock bushing). As a buffer, the rubber on shock absorbers absorbs and dampens the energy generated by the collision of these two components. It divides the components while permitting […]

Why Replacing Plastic Bushings Is Essential

Metal Bush

Plastic bushings have been a popular choice for many industries, including automotive and manufacturing, due to their lightweight, low-cost, and easy-to-mold properties. However, as technology advances and the need for durable and long-lasting components increases, it has become evident that plastic bushings are not always the best option. Here are five reasons why you should […]