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Submersible Pump Motor Body

Microcare is a leading manufacturer of the finest submersible pump motor body in Ahmedabad. We cater to manufacturing, household, and industrial business concerts of all sizes with different types of submersible pumps, coated, non-coated, painted, polished, and even unpolished. Pumps are mostly used in industries dealing with different liquids and other industries to treat and deal with different liquid and semi-liquid matter.


Our team of submersible pump motor body suppliers get you pure stainless steel pump motor bodies, adhering to the permissible extraction rate, universal guidelines, and industrial standards so that it is all authenticated and gives out uniform outputs to give satisfactory results. Our blend of A-grade resources including top-quality raw materials, progressive technology, and a highly-skilled & experienced workforce always fulfills client demands and projects in time.


The company is the top manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of submersible pump parts and water pump body In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Although we are set up in Ahmedabad we serve clients to other states, not just states but other countries in the world too! It’s not just the body that we create for you, we have expertise in creating the other tiny parts also such as impellers, diffusers, bushings, sleeves, and more to clientele as per their requirement.

SS Motor & Pump Body

Want to hire a submersible motor body manufacturer to build you the pump’s body?

Microcare is the partner you should go ahead and work with. It is the first business in its industry to have a granted CF turbo Simulation Software License to design and optimize a roto-dynamic pump. We not only get you all parts of the pump but also other mechanical spare parts like solar components, castings, forgings, as expressed earlier diffusers and impellers, bushes, etc. Our in-depth knowledge, client responsiveness, willingness to change, punctuality, cost-effectiveness, and innovation are the qualities that make us create a win-win situation for all.

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