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Microcare has become a brand of choice for solar components that submersible pump & Motors to run on solar-generated electricity. Foreseeing the emerging demand for renewable energy, the company forayed into manufacturing BLDC motor spare parts such as BLDC motor components, BLDC motor tubes, and PMSM motor spare parts like PMSM motor tubes and PMSM motor sleeve. The company also dived into manufacturing stator sleeves, rotor sleeves, retaining sleeves and magnet sleeves in 2013, when the solar industry was in its nascent stage in India. As a result, Microcare, today, is among the top magnet sleeve manufacturing companies in India.


What sets Microcare components apart is the meticulous manufacturing process. The company uses Grade 304 Stainless Steel & non-magnetic material to manufacture durable components that perform outstandingly well throughout its lifecycle.


The welding is done through ultramodern welding technology and is tested with hydro-pneumatic technology that assures zero leakage and accuracy under 50 microns, a benchmark of the highest quality. With cutting-edge technology equipment and precision engineering tools, Microcare has manufactured more than 200,000 pieces with a nil rejection rate to date with installed capacity to make 1000+ pieces Per day.


Microcare offers components in more than 20 varieties and various sizes such as V3, V4, V6 and V8 to cater to clients’ diverse requirements. Renowned for timely delivery and premium quality, Microcare has become one of the trusted names in solar components manufacturing in India.


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Product: BLDC / PMSM Motor Sleeves
Material Thickness OD
ASTM SS 304 0.2mm (+/-0.05) 39.00 mm Stator Inner Sleeve
40.30 mm
42.00 mm
47.00 mm
48.50 mm
52.00 mm
114 mm - Trials
Material Thickness OD
ASTM SS 304 0.4MM (+/-0.1) 35.50 mm ROTOR SLEEVe
38.00 mm
38.80 mm
39.50 mm
46.50 mm
47.20 mm
65.50 mm
67.00 mm
77.00 mm


Accurancy: OD/ID, Under 50 Micron, For Production: +/-0.1 required

Pressure Leak Tested @ 3 to 5 Bar Air/Hydro Pressure

Straightness: 0.5 mm per Meter

Surface Finish: GRINDED & Polished (Optional)

Thickness Range: 0.17mm to 0.5mm, OD Range: 30mm to 115mm

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