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Share Profit to Grow Faster
We strongly believe "SHARE PROFIT TO GROW FASTER". The logic is to procure the best castings and forgings manufactured by experts of the field on the basis of their academic quantifications & work experience of so many years.

We at Microcare, innovate the new ideas on the basis of our technical qualifications and shop floor experience for more than 18 years due to which we are preferred among most of the manufacturers.

We do value additions thro' CNC as well as traditional work shop machineries also to produce perfect products as per designs & drawings of the buyers with 100% inspection procedures & marked with our logo.

We deal with leading manufacturers from various sectors having ISO certification marks.
Vendor Development
There is a growing interest in generating approaches for meaningful development of suppliers so that business can snatch long-term strategic initiatives by developing effective partnerships with suppliers.
Latest News
High head impeller series have been added in radial flow impeller section

Mixed Flow impellers’ detailed brochures have been uploaded under main product section..
Learning Resources
Section contains General Resources & Videos that Students, Educators & Professional may find useful. It also contains links that may be helpful in researching additional information.
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