We are a unique name in the pump spare industry to provide highest quality Lead Tin Bronze (LTB) Bush bearings. We make tailor made bushes as per the client requirement and have 500+ varieties of Plain / Linear Bushes and Counter / Collar Bushes.
We import our virgin raw material and process close to 0.9 Million bushes annually since 2016.

Foundry Casting Capacity 1.5 Tons / Day
Machining Capacity
Plains / Linear Bushes 3,000 Nos. / Day
Counter / Coller Bushes 1200 Nos. / Day
Size Range Specification
Min. ID 12-50mm
Length 15-80mm
OD 18 to 120mm
Wall Thickness 2-8MM Min
Quality Assurance
Concentricity 15 Micron Max
RA Value 50 Micron Max
Run-Out 12 Microns
Hardness 65-85 BHN
0.5% Recall / Rejection Ratio
ID Burnished