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1989 – 1995:-
A small SSI unit was started to manufacture various Cast Iron Components like Upper- Lower Housings, Motor bases, Stage Casings, Non Return Valves bodies, Suction Casings etc and Gun Metal Impellers of 6" and 8" bore well submersible pump sets.

1996 - 2002:-
Proprietary Company was converted to Microcare Techniques Pvt Ltd, added in-house foundry with attached work-shop to melt Lead Bronze ingots to manufacture Bush Bearings to be used in Pumps & Motors. Gradually company also started making Tools and Moulds, with further vision to replace Sand Casted Gunmetal Impellers into Precision Investment Cast Stainless steels to reduce frictional losses, improve sand abrasion resistance, to transfer quite lesser axial load on thrust bearings due to light weight of each impellers resulting to higher pump efficiency and long life.

2003 - 2008:-
Aiming to produce 50000 Lead Bronze Bush Bearings, to achieve Exports of Moulds – Dies, with value additions of lot many Investment Cast components & Forged flanges, company shifted to their new factory premises, situated near outer 200 ft. Ring Road at Village – Zundal, Dist-Gandhinagar, just 13 KM away from Ahmedabad Railway Station.

Within a short span of two years, company achieved the targeted Goal of producing and dealing 120 Tons of Investment Casings, 150 Tons of Forged Flanges, 75 Tons of Bush Bearings, supported with fully & semi CNC Machineries & in-house foundry for Non-Ferrous Metals.

2009 - 2010:-
Company also started producing Radial Flow Impellers of Bore well, Mono Block and Jet pumps through a complete process of Shell Mouldings having a fully Automatic Core Shooter, followed by turning and broaching through CNC machineries.
To fulfil company's Mission + Vision, Microcare purchased a perpetual license of a world renowned company, experts in developing various software's of designing 2D & 3D profiles of all Centrifugal Impellers, Bowl-Diffusers and Volutes. Just by feeding actual RPM of the Motor's & required Head and Flow Rate to the Software, it does all required calculations and simulations to optimize product for single stage pump under ideal conditions. Finally gives complete technical data sheet which contains various parameters like Efficiency, Power Driven by Pump, all Graphs related to Head, Flow Rates, Pump Efficiency etc, within the accuracy limits of + / - 3 to 8 %!!!!

Software also further designs Volutes, Bowls & Diffusers to match the results of Impellers.

In a Nut shell, Microcare has entered in Hi-Tech world of pump spares by successfully developing & producing perfect pair of Rotating Impellers with their Stationary Stage casings i.e. Diffusers, Bowls or Volutes, to successfully achieve the mission. By serving the Nation in a better way. Company also aims to develop whole product range to match Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) requirement of 5 Star ratings!
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