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Global FootPrints
Events Year Place Organized by Products Displayed
Exhibitions participated 2003 -2004 Hannover, Germany EEPC (Engineering Export Promotion Council – Unit of Central Govt. of India)

Precision Investment Castings Forged Components
Impellers , Bowls , Diffusers, Misc. spares of Borewell Submersible Pumps ,Lead Bronze Bushes Bearings, Thrust bearing sets etc.


Various Components of Valves, Automobiles & Engineering Components

2004 -2005 Jakarta, Indonesia
2005-2006 Mexico city, Mexico
2006-2007 Cairo, Egypt
2007-2008 Johannesburg, South Africa
2010-2011 Istanbul, Turkey
Buyer – Seller Meetings Attended 2005-2006 Melbourne & Sydney – Australia, Auckland -New Zealand
2006-2007 Houston, Chicago, & Atlanta - USA
Auckland & Montréal - Canada
Vendor Development
There is a growing interest in generating approaches for meaningful development of suppliers so that business can snatch long-term strategic initiatives by developing effective partnerships with suppliers.
Latest News
High head impeller series have been added in radial flow impeller section

Mixed Flow impellers’ detailed brochures have been uploaded under main product section..
Learning Resources
Section contains General Resources & Videos that Students, Educators & Professional may find useful. It also contains links that may be helpful in researching additional information.
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