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To remain always a Leader in Pump Spares by developing new products, implementing Modern Techniques – Optimizations – Simulations – Modelling – Tooling and Manufacturing of energy efficient components to the level of highest accuracy, together with practical experience of many years in the fields of Castings + Forgings + Tooling's + Mould & Die making and many more….
To serve the Nation, using excess electricity, drawn by rotating impellers of various Centrifugal Pumps to make them energy efficient to the level of 5 STAR ratings as per BEREAU OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY, called B.E.E., in India.
"Energy saved is energy produced." Energy saving devices may cost little extra, but the pays off are much more than the extra recurring cost in terms of a   longer life spans and energy saved.
Our Values
Integrity + Transparency + Leadership by Examples + Pursuit of Excellence + Continuous Improvement + Learning & Sharing.
We Believe
           "Quality is never an accident. It's a result of Planning + Efforts + Team work + Commitment to Excellence."
Vendor Development
There is a growing interest in generating approaches for meaningful development of suppliers so that business can snatch long-term strategic initiatives by developing effective partnerships with suppliers.
Latest News
High head impeller series have been added in radial flow impeller section

Mixed Flow impellers’ detailed brochures have been uploaded under main product section..
Learning Resources
Section contains General Resources & Videos that Students, Educators & Professional may find useful. It also contains links that may be helpful in researching additional information.
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